Korean Management Review

· Content Type : Journal
· ISSN : 1226-1874
· Frequency : Bimonthly Journal

The Korean Management Review has the oldest history and tradition as a representative academic journal of the Korean Management Society. By laying the foundation for the development of business administration through the publication of the journal, we can be confident that it is the most significant and representative symbol of the society among the various projects of this society. The Korea Management Review ranked sixth among 5,600 academic journals in Korea in 2020 and publishes a total of six issues annually.

Aims and scope

The Korean Management Review(KMR) publishes peer-reviewed original research articles devoted to report research that contributes to excellence in practice, research findings that contribute administration of Management education. It also contributes to building the knowledge base of the discipline of Management including theory, practice, and education. It's coverage of topics include 9 area(Strategic Management, Organizational Studies, Management Information System, Finance, International Business, Accounting, Marketing, Manufacturing & Service Operation Management, Consiliance). The original research on Management, education, and research methods can be published. Comprehensive review, concept analysis, and conceptual framework also welcome.